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What is the wellPORTAL Primary Care Network?

wellPORTAL is a network of primary care providers (PCPs) available to select health plans.

We call it VIP primary care! It Includes:

  • Access to top doctors
  • VIP customer service
  • Patient rewards

Our providers deliver unparalleled customer service and enhanced patient care. They put patients first and are held to strict standards for patient satisfaction, care quality and practice efficiency.

Since our network works as a supplement to your health plan’s regular HMO or PPO network, you can use our network for primary care and retain your health plan’s regular HMO or PPO network for non-primary care providers and services (specialists, labs, diagnostics, and hospital/surgery facilities).

Why a supplemental network?

If your health plan offers wellPORTAL, they are providing an enhanced benefit to your regular health plan – access to a network of high performing primary care providers, VIP customer service and patient rewards!

wellPORTAL is different than other health plan networks. Providers in our network must meet strict standards for:

  • patient satisfaction
  • quality of care
  • practice efficiency

Since most health plan networks do not hold providers to such standards, you don’t know the level of care and customer service you will receive with any given provider.

With wellPORTAL, you can rest assured that you will always receive high-quality patient focused care.

We give you five-star customer service.

wellPORTAL patients have access to a special VIP hotline for all primary care needs and general customer service support (including scheduling, referrals, prescription refills, and health plan questions).

This central point of contact – a separate service from your doctor office’s regular phone number — is answered by support agents who deliver unparalleled VIP customer service and help you navigate a complex and sometimes frustrating health care system.

A live customer service representative answers the majority of incoming calls; in the event that you need to leave a voicemail, you will receive a call back within 15 minutes*. 

wellPORTAL patients can also schedule same-day visits for sick care** and are guaranteed to see their PCP within 15 minutes of their scheduled appointment time.

*during normal business hours (8 am – 5 pm M-F)
*same-day visits for sick care are guaranteed for patients who call before 10 AM

Earn cash rewards for working with a wellPORTAL PCP.

Earning cash rewards is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Complete a comprehensive visit with a wellPORTAL PCP.
    New patients must complete a comprehensive visit with their wellPORTAL PCP within 90 days of their effective date.
    Established patients must complete an annual wellness visit with their wellPORTAL PCP each calendar year.
  2. Register with – and use – the Your wellPORTAL web app.
  3. Complete care plan items as directed by a wellPORTAL PCP.

The Your wellPORTAL web app streamlines the primary care experience

Helpful reminders, patient feedback and care navigation.

The Your wellPORTAL web app sends notifications reminding patients of important to-dos (which we call ‘care plan requirements’) requested by your primary care physician. These include wellness visits, follow-up care, and important preventive services.

Patient responses are continuously monitored. If a patient needs help or additional clarity, a wellPORTAL care navigator will get in touch to help resolve the matter. 

Your wellPORTAL also helps us collect patient feedback through targeted notifications to ensure our PCPs are delivering wellPORTAL’s five-star VIP service.

Best of all, patients earn cash rewards for engaging with Your wellPORTAL and completing all their care plan requirements each year. 

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